October 2017

European Pheasant Shoot

Video footage of Wild Montana European Pheasant Shoot.

Images in the gallery below courtesy of expert photographer, Paolo Marchesi. Learn more at www.marchesiphoto.com!

Black Lab Delivers Pheasant
Best Pheasant Hunting in Montana
Bird Toss for European Pheasant Hunt
Clay Target Practice in Bozeman MT
Pheasant Preserve Shooting
Big Day Pheasant Shooting
Montana Pheasant Hunters
Taking Aim in Montana
Guided Pheasant Hunting
Dog Handlers on MT Pheasant Shoot
Reload for bird hunt
Taking a break from shooting
Montana Pheasant Hunting Land
Best place to bird hunt in Montana
Corporate Pheasant Shoot
Pheasant Preserve in Montana
Lots of Action Pheasants
Montana Pheasant Hunting
Chukar in Montana
Montana Pheasant Hunters
Southern Montana Pheasant Preserve
Hunters shooting Pheasants
Bird Hunting Season in Montana
Bird Toss
Pheasants in the Wild!
High flying pheasants Montana
bird hunting basics
Guided Pheasant Hunts
Pheasant and Chukar Farm in Montana
Dog Guide Pheasant Hunt
Run Dogs Pheasant Hunt
Membership Pheasant Club in Montana
Waiting to do the job
American Pheasant Hunting at its bes
Ready to retreive those pheasants!
Taking Aim
Montana Wild Ranch
Pheasant Preserve Hunting in MT
Clay Target Shooting in MT
MT shooting
Pheasant Hunt
Self-guided Hunting in MT
Shooting lessons in Montana
Before the Hunt
Ready for action, pheasants
Hunting adventures in Montana
Pheasant Hunt Montana
Raising Pheasants in Montana
Ready for the Pheasant shoot
American passtime
American Pheasant Shooting
Group in Corporate Pheasant Event
Pheasants galore
Montana Hunting Preserve
2000 acre pheasant hunt
Ideal pheasant territory
Montana working dog
Self-Guided Pheasant hunting MT
Learning to hunt pheasant
Good shot pheasant hunting
Montana Wild Guest Ranch and Preserv
More birds
Montana Bird Hunting
A good day for birds
Fun for all
Montana Pheasants
Bird Dog in Montana
High flying birds
Bringing the bird back
Perfect Pheasant habitat
Montana Shooting
Bird hunt in Montana
Traditional Pheasant shoot
European Pheasant shoot in Montana
Dog works
Pheasant hunt dog
Full service pheasant ranch
Bird hunting in Montana

Images in the gallery below are "non-pro" snapshots of the October 28th European Pheasant Hunt at Wild Montana Ranch!

Ready for Montana hunting!
Wild Hungarian Partridge
My Bird
A good day's work
Wild Montana Guest Ranch
Time to eat
Montana Wild Hunting Preserve
Buffalo Burgers for all!
Warming up on clay targets
Montana Bird Hunting Action
Dennis and the 'outdoorsy' ladies
Ready to go!
Getting ready for the shoot
Prep time
Waiting for the go command.
Setting up a European Pheasant Hunt
Got it.
Pheasant hunting action
Montana Pheasant Preserve
The birds just keep coming!
Hunting Ranch
Bird hunting dog and handler.
Taking a break
Productive hunt day
Enjoying the food
Well stocked
Worked up an appetite!
Buffalo burger heaven.
Montana Wild Guest Ranch RV Park

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